Dissertation Feedback Prep essay

A few weeks ago the entire of second year art students handed in our essay prep forms and waited anxiously for the results. Anyone who knows me know that anxious is an understatement bouncing of the walls panicking may be better suited. However in the past ive always proved myself wrong so just stick with what you know and it’ll work for you. Today I got my feedback form back and was quite surprised by the feedback regardless of the way I feel about feedback sheets after a deadline.  And these are the results dissertation feedback form part 1 2016dissertation feedback form part 2 2016

Somehow I managed to get a 67% mark which works out in the top part of a 2:1 equivalent and overall is 2/3% percent of a 1st which I am really pleased about as it shows that even if I can’t push into that 1st level yet it’s still possible in third year although if i can hit this level from now on ill be happy whether its stays this level or moves up. As the feedback states this is a great attempt and the additional content will build on the existing stuff and give me enough to talk about for the 6,000 words and artefact. I’m going to take advantage of the tutorial opportunity next Wednesday to work out what to say and do for the essay to get the best grade possible which based on the level ive achieved I can definitely do. now I need to add the extra details and be prepared for the meeting and whats to follow.


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