End of week breakdown

This week has seen quite a few things going on through practically all the projects in consideration to outcomes and the exhibit as follows

  • For Bams I need to do two more coats of molochite before burning out, bronze pouring and pettining the surface so far everything has gone to plan and I hope it will remain that way.
  • Make your mark may have a slight alteration in what will be presented in the exhibition at the moment only one of my moulds is done and will be ready to use early next week and the leaves are being bisque fired next week.
  • Faking it I am intending to collect the images I have of the set and professionally document them for the exhibit with a smaller model of the set on display with the other existing work
  • Work experience I will be doing the same, updating the PowerPoint I made for presenting in first time and contacts of potential future placement providers and how the processes of Maker will help me gain the skills in career possibilities such as Prop Making.
  • Delight in Light is waiting for materials to be delivered and in this time im experimenting with the materials available to show why the methods of making the piece have changed and evolved to meet the needs of the brief and safety requirements of a small child audience.

despite things taking turns every so often im confident i’ll have a large body of work in my books, blog and website by the deadline in the exhibit hopefully a few days before if im lucky.


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