Make Your Mark Website prototyping

Whilst waiting for my materials to hopeful actually be delivered this time I began to research into the possible methods of exhibiting my work digitally to promote the works that will be in exhibition for the deadline on the 1st June. Due to all my pieces not being ready yet putting images on the website and producing physical documentation cannot be done for the obvious reason. Before I show the evidence basically according to the requirements of the brief I must

  • The format of presenting my work in the sense of will it be a physical folder portfolio or a digital website portfolio or both if deemed suitable.
  • What format will I be presenting my work in a flyer, a web page or a business card or a combination of the three.

Taking this into consideration I researched free platforms on the Internet that specialise in website design and found loading screen

Loading screen. option screen

options page for purpose of website to find the best starting look. welcome screen

The copyrighted backdrop that will be altered and the original details. editing welcome screen

Editing evidence loading screen and options tab. finished welcome screen

Redesigning the title for my website. introduction screen screen

Introducing myself. BAMS screen

Discussing my outcomes and existing projects. under construction screen screen

Reconstructing pages. email screen screen

My accounts on social media links. contact screen

Contact reference point.

Now I have to find an image of my own to use for the backdrop that will be suitable and I will be ready to upload the finished pieces onto my website and be more professional on display.



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