Make Your Mark

For the first time in awhile a problem has come up that isn’t a fault from me personally but unfortunately does affect me. For my Make Your Mark piece I wanted to create something that I could demonstrate my skills by hand with and also translate skill digitally. For this project the digital aspect I suspect will be done after the piece is created as the piece is too complex to have made on rhino without the piece done by hand, which leads to the problem.

I’ve ordered the materials but due to some unknown mess up they were not delivered when they should have been and will have to wait even longer to come which means more work in a shorter period of time and do I really need something else to ice the cake no. While this error is sorted ive began to use my clay moulds that have now been bisqued  and backwashed to test the quality of the slumps that have come out and this is the evidence of this process.


top piece previously backwashed and glass kiln fired bottom piece ready to put in kiln


Piece kiln fired showing embedded detail with rough edges needed to be sanded


pieces in the beggining ready to fire

There are a few test pieces in the kiln that will hopefully come out tomorrow in the afternoon, but for the ones that have come out the level of detail is brilliant however I was hoping that there would have been more depth to the piece as only a slight depth has been achieved on the piece which is not so much a problem but means that I will have to double layer the cuts to get the desired shapes and colour consistency which involves ordering more material which may or may not at this point in time arrive, so I will have to discuss with Pip what the circumstances of this will mean for my grade and the content of the exhibition



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