The Daily Grind

Today has been a setback and move forward day for me nothing out of the usual there then. I’m happy to say that the plan of doing something for every outstanding project is working well there are a few snags here and there but regardless of what happens these will come anyway. Here’s how they’ve gone so far :-

  • The medal has come out and it looks as if no material has got stuck in the piece. However one of the words along the outside didn’t fully come out on both so i’ll choose the best one cut out the lettering that didn’t work cut out the word on the previous batch work that did work and then it’s just getting the best finish really.
  • Delight in light is practically just needing to be assembled which I have started to do, then the design sheets and finally the lighted aspect of the piece.
  • Faking it miniset boards have been cut just need to measure the sizes and cut the pieces ready to assemble paint and display in the exhibit.
  • My Make Your Mark materials have arrived ive put some testers in the kiln and will be cutting the pieces tomorrow to make the plate pieces that will be slumped to get the shape of the bowl based on the slip cast that will come out of the kiln tomorrow.

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