Faking It 500 words rewrite

Having taken the Work Experience option and undertaken a placement in a Props company  I was really looking forward to the Faking It project and whatever the results of the project would be. For Faking It We put ourselves into groups across our varying practices and picked a book by Roald Dahl to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birthday and from this book we have to create a set piece that represents the book and any other accompanying media of the book. Visiting the Wales millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay was a great opportunity to get behind the scenes of the set design world and performance market was an eye opener of where you can go and how you get there. Getting to grips with coming up with ideas, working out what we were going to make what our strengths and weaknesses are and what materials we were going to need and whether this will be achievable in the time limit of the project, budget and taking into account time to touch up any areas that we had fallen behind on during the process and dealings with things outside of the project. For my team I was with Shannon (Product Design), Will (Product Design) and Adele (Textiles) also an erasmus student. We came up with plenty of ideas but getting started and bringing the together as well as being able to meet up as a team all at the same time proved to be difficult and challenging as would any project that you have to undertake and concentrate on as well as your own personal things. Despite this I believe we worked really well together and although feedback is likely to highlight areas that will need work on we should be proud of what we have achieved and learn where to improve when in the workplace on even stricter deadlines and the problems that arise through those means. I really enjoyed and was thrilled that the project is a live brief meaning that the piece isn’t just going to be displayed in the university but in the Marriott Hotel on the other side of Cardiff, so working towards an ulterior location goal was an added pressure but also challenge to show our talents and something that will really boost CV material. Plus the added bonus of our set being chosen to star in the Millennium Centre  as part of a charity by the name of Touch Trust was a true honour and has made me more determined to want to work in this area and get my work displayed to a broader market of the general public not just an individual but as part of a team. I’ve really enjoyed and  I am really grateful to have gotten the two options for my field projects that I wanted and despite the setbacks have really contributed to my skills and understanding of the working market and the individual aspects of it and has given me a stepping stone to broader and greater opportunities whilst being a year from graduating.


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