Work Experience 500 words rewrite

Initially I was hesitant about picking the work experience option for field due to difficulties reaching companies to take me on and im glad I did as I was able to take my placement at Wild Creations a prop making and set company on the outskirts of Cardiff who made the Rugby ball  as an example outcome for the 2015 World Cup. Despite sustaining an injury to my hand and the placement ending sooner than expected it was still an enjoyable and beneficial experience. It was great to actually be inside a company as a student seeing what those who work there get up to on a daily basis and the scale of which the pieces they make come in and the levels of detail achieved. I enjoyed getting stuck into whatever I was able to get involved in to get the most out of the experience, plus I was able to find out so many inside techniques to get work in the industry such as refining your practice gaining experience in a range of materials, finding your unique selling point and how to build a career in this area of work and expertise. Like most companies in the Arts business freelancing is your best way forward as very few full time positions are available, however being freelance means you can travel around more and meet more fellow props makers and become more noticed as an individual by a multitude of companies some of which you may not of heard of so networking does occur. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the pieces were made and the processes that go through making the finished object that you see before you much like the behind the scenes aspect of being a Maker when displaying my pieces in exhibition.  The similarities between the two was massively interwoven and made me feel more confident I could build a career as a freelance propmaker and a artist in my own right.  Being able to speak and socialise with individual in that working market was scary coming from a person that has anxiety and a nervous disposition on a regular basis but was something i will never forget and the broad backgrounds of the individuals working at Wild Creations made me more confident that the skills and determination to work and learn was looked upon more than the qualification you have although can help. Despite not being able to complete the placement I will be going back in the near future and I have begun contacting other companies locally to get experience and build up a portfolio started before graduating, I feel that the circumstances of the placement falling through were just as important as the placement as it showed me the realities of the industry and what you need to do to keep doing what you love to do which is the best kind of job to have really. I feel ive learnt so many skills that I can develop to begin working in this sector and apply to my practice on Maker as well.


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