Delight In Light Statement (draft)*

My entry for the Delight In Light project titled (Creative Spark) is intended for an audience of children of both sexes between the ages of 4-8 the concept of the piece is to be a bedside table lamp that acts as a lamp but also a storage unit and portable material carrier of pencils,felts and other equipment. My intention is to make this piece suitable to have as a bedside lamp and also a portable material piece for journeys in a car which is a unique selling point and no other product I have found in my research has materials attached to the side and detachable slots making another unique selling point. This piece is set apart from the rest being something that takes a Classic object that all artists in some shape and form use and reinvents it in my own way looking decorative, colourful, fitting a purpose and a visually interesting piece to look at. The entire piece is made of Acrylic Perspex which sustains heat but on a lower wattage than originally intended and is charged by a battery. This piece works as a slightly dimmer version of a standard light due to heat reduction and the audience the piece is intended for. At a cost market i would put this piece on market between the price of 30 to 35 pound.


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