Make Your Mark woes

Going in on the weekend to take my pieces out of the kiln and place them over the top of the backwashed slumps taken from a bowl I discovered a rather unexpected result.


For reasons I dont entirely know large bubbles have formed in both the pieces that have in a sense to me spoilt the work that went into cutting and fritting the pieces which im not going to lie upset me. Speaking to Martin he stated that it’s not something to my understanding that I have done wrong myself just one of those things that he himself knew can happen but wasn’t expecting it to happen with my pieces. Nevertheless everyone who has seen the pieces really liked the way they looked despite this and the fact the bubbles were not an intended result. So for exhibition im going to have two bowls, both seen in the pics but will have absoluetly no idea what they will look like or even what the finished result will be and  I wont be able to get the results of this till tuesday the day before deadline. Despite this im not dissapointed but worried what the look of the piece will be in exhibit and how everyone will perceive them but time will tell im just happy to have all of my pieces moving forward and to my understanding based on events everything in the sense of outcome content will be featured in the exhibition. Either way i look forward to what is to come.



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