Setting up second year

Second Year setup has arrived and half of my outcomes have been set up ready for tomorrow. I feel more confident with what I have achieved and my abilities this year and hope this will reflect in the exhibition in my tutors and my marks. I wouldn’t want to guess what my overall grade will be but I know it’ll be better than last year so whatever happens I will do my best and show my best and accept any last minute problems that happen and take note from the feedback given. The Medal project I hope has been turned around and the context may not be fully understood but the skills and ideas will hopefully give me a good balance grade wise. My lamp unfortunately has had a setback with a the top piece snapped and as a result and the material being perspex this has adjusted the shape of the piece and has made it difficult to use but this wasn’t something I expected to happen as the test piece did not snap when pressured to the necessary angle of 72 degrees. Overall in my presentation tomorrow I will explain why certain pieces have not come out as planned and validate and stand up for what has happened and how I would turn this around next year. I will just have to wait till tomorrow to find out and see what the results tell and give me


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