For the practical aspect of this project there is a lot of emphasis on the direction as individuals our practices will take us. Practically every Maker regardless of background or expertise follows this approach but some have more success than others and time tells who those will be.


I have been asked to select a series of objects that have characteristics that relate to my own work and the ideal outcome result. Also to be able to attend as many galleries and museums as possible to get the greatest variety possible for coming back in third year. And ask why do these pieces have value to you.


There is a lot of areas to cover in this most of which will display themselves more as I begin the practical aspect of the project but these are considered the major areas to look into for future reference.

  1. Concept/Idea – how is this triggered and developed
  2. the form giving process – how do we derive the shape, scale of the piece/s
  3. Material use – what materials are to be used and why
  4. Production Method – how is it made
  5. Audience/user response – what response are you seeking
  6. How do you know it’s good


In preparation for 3RD year and the Maker world beyond Ingrid the subject leader of Artist Designer Maker and my head of year for level 6 who will be putting the boot in more than ever next year. In preparation over the summer holidays for this Maker level 5 has been given the project


GESAMTKUNSTWERK apart from being a mouthful to pronounce translates in a multitude of meanings all resulting in this idea of a final iea and piece. To a Maker this says what do you want to make, why did you make it, how will this idealised idea come about and why.

Researching the definition online I found this:-

A Gesamtkunstwerk (German pronunciation: [gə.ˈzamtˌku̇nstˌveɐ̯k], translated as total work of art, ideal work of art, universal artwork, synthesis of the arts, comprehensive artwork, all-embracing art form or total artwork) is a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so.

Who Am I (Third Year)

For Third year visually I have a wide arrange of ideas for what I want to do and I believe that aspects majorly of Make Your Mark will channel into this and the light idea of Delight in Light looks like a potential area to develop into although maybe not for third year or maybe one of those things that I will look into more at the time and get advice on from those with a more professional and knowledgeable approach.

Overall I am annoyed that certain aspects highlighted this year seem to have been highlighted in feedback rather than when the projects were being done but this is something that can happen and the progress made was hindered so I take this on the chin and will work better next time.

Exhibit Visits

In preparation for Third year and exhibiting our work for professional companies,clients among others and such the pressure of finding an opening in the market to fill is more on than ever before, On friday Ingrid who controls the final year of the course recommends as much exposure to work that you can get and travel if possible to give you the best chance in third year and the best possible work you can achieve in the working world.

Straight away locally to Cardiff there are several places all Makers can visit  such as

  • Craft In The Bay
  • Made By Hand(October to November)
  • Tent
  • 100% Design

These are among a few and visits to local or further afield universities may help with the process. Overall i dont want to leave with the grade I have and dont want to stay with the possibility of getting the same grade at the end but next year the criteria of marking changes again so what I will be marked on partially falls into constellation so if I can get a good mark in both constellation and Maker ill get a grade I deserve in third year now the case is finding the means to give me the best chance to achieve this. Which isnt going to be easy regardless of the grades achieved so far

Solving Problems

Now that second year is over I now have time to reflect on the past two years :-

  • First year was great and introduced me to many new materials and techniques but in the end results highlighted worries over the (Ideas) not reaching full potential and more development in the research aspects needed including links to artists. Context has highlighted that the final location of my pieces isn’t fully realised and has more potential but this is a learning curve that can improve with time. Skills has highlighted that I have learnt a lot of skills and tried to apply them but the end results dont fully resemble this.

Overall the feedback highlighted concerns over all three categories but all three can be solved with simple solutions :-

  • Skills isn’t so much a problem due to the quality of the final pieces being below par due to time restraints so further development of time is needed and of the skills evidence wise in the books.
  • Context can benefit on looking deeper and further evidence of where my pieces would sit in the artist world.Also speaking to other artists that work in the mediums and interest areas would be of great benefit and maybe another person/s interpretation may help me on my own.
  • Ideas hasn’t really been a problem I tend to create pieces that fulfill a purpose such as a bowl so that if they dont work for the purpose they were intended then the idea hasn’t fully worked and a different approach is necessary.

Second year has seen the same areas improving but not at a pace that my tutors are not concerned about and the fear of a 3rd qualification at graduation is hanging over but many have said that regardless of the grade you get that doesnt decide what you can achieve in life as people who have got lower grades can even top those who get the highest grade on the market in the real world.

Dissertation Begins

With second year Maker over my attention is now mainly on the Dissertation and the task set by my tutors on Maker in Preparation for third year. For my dissertation Martyn my constellation tutor has been a massive help and to get a 67% mark which is only 3% from a 1st equivalent is an achievement in my eyes and a goal setter for the actual dissertation itself.

If im honest due to the feedback on my making quality a outcome piece alongside the dissertation is a cause for concern and how the link between the artefact and the essay itself link im not fully sure of but will probably have a better idea of when ive started. Speaking to Clive Cazeaux who specialises in the higher level of study more along the lines of masters and PHD qualification was able to give me key points that I wouldn’t have got through my own research.

End of 2nd year

Much like last year the familiar end has come, in retrospect this year has highlighted a few dents in the armor of my work on Maker that need to be corrected in Third year and beyond but nothing that is substantially a major red warning concern but will be if its not addressed.

Todays tutorial with Pip highlighted the three areas and the feedback in relation to these on the subject modules on field but no comments have been said about the books or the blog although this may come at a later point or be mentioned in feedback email but this is the feedback in relation to the three criterias fundamental to Artist Designer Maker in my interpretation of how feedback described them

  • Skills – the techniques, processes and approaches to making in the final and experimental pieces leading to exhibition and sketchbook and blog evidence.

The evidence of these skills is shown but the quality of the final pieces unfortunately goes against me but shows that more time management is needed and confidence that a high level of quality can be achieved.

Context – the idea and meaning behind the piece and where it would sit in the world.

  • The evidence does show that I have thought a lot about where the pieces would be found and end up but some of the evidence does not fully highlight this to the best way possible or confuse the meaning behind.

Ideas – the reason this piece exists and the methods and meaning behind them.

  • The ideas are there and are of standard but execution seems to go against and more evidence of the practical and procedures in place should something go wrong needs to be highlighted more.


Obviously to still have problems like this is a worrying thing and when your own tutors are emphasising how you feel it sort of doesn’t need to be said what the atmosphere of the room is but i strongly believe that you must see things through to the end as life doesn’t get any easier and just because things aren’t working now doesnt mean thats how they always will be, I Just have to decide what it is I want to do and fight to the end to make sure my tutors support it as you have to meet the criteria but you also have to do what you want to otherwise whats the point in trying to better yourself if you wont allow or have the confidence to go with what you want.