Bams Medal comparisons

Having successfully completed my second attempt of the medal I am really pleased with the results and being able to colour the bronze and have it on display has been a long awaited moment.

With the first model attempt it was sizably bigger and put together in a short rush moment of time which didn’t help the process and wasted a lot of time. Plus I was unable to remove some of the ceramic shell from the piece due to the quality of the mould surface having holes in it that weren’t covered before the first layer of liquid went on and after the first layer is on there is nothing you can do

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with the second medal there was a change of tactic this time around I cast a circular piece to use as the plain template of the medal, the lettering along the side remained the same, the tree part was a recast of the old mould and the fingers that were originally cast from my own were cast again but carved away to avoid material getting caught between the fingers which was one of the major problems last time. This being the final result:-

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Im pleased with both of the outcomes but im really glad that the second piece came out without any ceramic shell stuck on it, plus the blackened tone which can be made lighter with a bit of wire wool really makes the bark imprint of the study stand out. The message of the medal was that as a student we are all here to give ourselves a better chance or move us in the right direction to where we see ourselves in 5, 10 and 15 years time. The original idea was to make the imagery send the message of Sustainability which has still been achieved however I feel the piece focuses on the journey as students we are undertaking in the sense that the leaf represents us trying to grow into that dream ideology look of our future self and the hand can either be planting the seed or tearing it up meaning that you can make your future but you can also destroy it.




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