Glass vessels

Due to friction in the material or something of that sorts in the bonding process large bubble holes appeared in both of the bowl sheet pieces I made 20160528_152458[1]20160528_152512[1] Due to time restrictions this would have to be an acceptable factor to work around and find ways to solve this in the future. next in order to keep on track and get the shape of the vessel as close as I can to the slip cast, I placed the two pieces on top of the bisque cast bowls and set the kiln to make a slump to capture the shape of the piece


Over the weekend this would heat up and slump to shape given the unpredictability of the process  and this was the finished result out of the kiln


If im being honest im not really sure whether im happy with the outcome of the piece as I wanted it to be exact to the slump mould which was the point of the process. However due to the amount and variation in size of the leaves this would most likely not happen and as shown it didn’t happen. But looking back now that what’s happened has happened and based on the feedback from my fellow makers this seems better even though to me this looks lesser quality.



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