PORTFOLIO coverage

In the growing market of makers of different backgrounds, ages and training the competition for selling, displaying and commissions is a tough market to break into however if you theres something that you really want in life giving up when it gets hard will only leave you regretting what could have been rather than enjoying what would have come.

As well as the prototype website I am Making to display all my works this year and any other pieces I make from this point onward I also tried my hand at designing a rough business card for display in the exhibition, At this point I’m not sure whether spending money on something that is going to be completely augmented next year is worth it at this point, and the likelyness of anyone picking up a card in the gallery and visiting next year isn’t very likely to look professional.

business card template

For a first attempt at making a business card im really pleased with the results and with my other pieces now complete and on display after the talk with my tutors Huw and Pip I will mention what I am intending to do and why certain things may be missing or not enough content of when the time comes. Regardless of what happens in the next few hours im happy to have reached the end and finished to extent all my pieces to exhibit which didn’t happen last year and i’ll take onboard what has been said and what needs to be improved in order to achieve the best I possibly can in third Year, although im not really sure what the talk today will cover and whether i’ll find out if ive done good or bad.



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