Who am I is a good question. As a Maker I feel that although my making by hand isn’t as strong as it could be I feel more comfortable working this way than I do with technological aspects and skills. My passion comes from the influence of shape and nature around me and deep meanings in relation to this are what I try to bring across in my work. I feel my works aim is to bring the outdoors indoors in the sense of nature in the environment which is ironic as most of the materials as a maker you use come from destroying a part of the natural forms around you. My passion as a professional is to make pieces that are functional, individual and combine the skills necessary to make well by hand and force me to develop the skills that I lack in technological respects, And also Prop making both of which I feel I have shown to the best of my ability given circumstances in the exhibition this year.

Moving forward I look to challenge myself but not overload myself with work that relates to nature and symbolise the fluidity and the natural natures of the materials I use. I also want to revisit past failures and work on correcting them and further problems as they come. Towards the future I would like to see myself as a freelance Maker that has a variety of knowledge other several materials and a Prop maker freelancer gaining new experiences and new challenges regularly


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