End of 2nd year

Much like last year the familiar end has come, in retrospect this year has highlighted a few dents in the armor of my work on Maker that need to be corrected in Third year and beyond but nothing that is substantially a major red warning concern but will be if its not addressed.

Todays tutorial with Pip highlighted the three areas and the feedback in relation to these on the subject modules on field but no comments have been said about the books or the blog although this may come at a later point or be mentioned in feedback email but this is the feedback in relation to the three criterias fundamental to Artist Designer Maker in my interpretation of how feedback described them

  • Skills – the techniques, processes and approaches to making in the final and experimental pieces leading to exhibition and sketchbook and blog evidence.

The evidence of these skills is shown but the quality of the final pieces unfortunately goes against me but shows that more time management is needed and confidence that a high level of quality can be achieved.

Context – the idea and meaning behind the piece and where it would sit in the world.

  • The evidence does show that I have thought a lot about where the pieces would be found and end up but some of the evidence does not fully highlight this to the best way possible or confuse the meaning behind.

Ideas – the reason this piece exists and the methods and meaning behind them.

  • The ideas are there and are of standard but execution seems to go against and more evidence of the practical and procedures in place should something go wrong needs to be highlighted more.


Obviously to still have problems like this is a worrying thing and when your own tutors are emphasising how you feel it sort of doesn’t need to be said what the atmosphere of the room is but i strongly believe that you must see things through to the end as life doesn’t get any easier and just because things aren’t working now doesnt mean thats how they always will be, I Just have to decide what it is I want to do and fight to the end to make sure my tutors support it as you have to meet the criteria but you also have to do what you want to otherwise whats the point in trying to better yourself if you wont allow or have the confidence to go with what you want.



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