Exhibit Visits

In preparation for Third year and exhibiting our work for professional companies,clients among others and such the pressure of finding an opening in the market to fill is more on than ever before, On friday Ingrid who controls the final year of the course recommends as much exposure to work that you can get and travel if possible to give you the best chance in third year and the best possible work you can achieve in the working world.

Straight away locally to Cardiff there are several places all Makers can visit  such as

  • Craft In The Bay
  • Made By Hand(October to November)
  • Tent
  • 100% Design

These are among a few and visits to local or further afield universities may help with the process. Overall i dont want to leave with the grade I have and dont want to stay with the possibility of getting the same grade at the end but next year the criteria of marking changes again so what I will be marked on partially falls into constellation so if I can get a good mark in both constellation and Maker ill get a grade I deserve in third year now the case is finding the means to give me the best chance to achieve this. Which isnt going to be easy regardless of the grades achieved so far


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