For the practical aspect of this project there is a lot of emphasis on the direction as individuals our practices will take us. Practically every Maker regardless of background or expertise follows this approach but some have more success than others and time tells who those will be.


I have been asked to select a series of objects that have characteristics that relate to my own work and the ideal outcome result. Also to be able to attend as many galleries and museums as possible to get the greatest variety possible for coming back in third year. And ask why do these pieces have value to you.


There is a lot of areas to cover in this most of which will display themselves more as I begin the practical aspect of the project but these are considered the major areas to look into for future reference.

  1. Concept/Idea – how is this triggered and developed
  2. the form giving process – how do we derive the shape, scale of the piece/s
  3. Material use – what materials are to be used and why
  4. Production Method – how is it made
  5. Audience/user response – what response are you seeking
  6. How do you know it’s good

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