In preparation for 3RD year and the Maker world beyond Ingrid the subject leader of Artist Designer Maker and my head of year for level 6 who will be putting the boot in more than ever next year. In preparation over the summer holidays for this Maker level 5 has been given the project


GESAMTKUNSTWERK apart from being a mouthful to pronounce translates in a multitude of meanings all resulting in this idea of a final iea and piece. To a Maker this says what do you want to make, why did you make it, how will this idealised idea come about and why.

Researching the definition online I found this:-

A Gesamtkunstwerk (German pronunciation: [gə.ˈzamtˌku̇nstˌveɐ̯k], translated as total work of art, ideal work of art, universal artwork, synthesis of the arts, comprehensive artwork, all-embracing art form or total artwork) is a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so.


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