Solving Problems

Now that second year is over I now have time to reflect on the past two years :-

  • First year was great and introduced me to many new materials and techniques but in the end results highlighted worries over the (Ideas) not reaching full potential and more development in the research aspects needed including links to artists. Context has highlighted that the final location of my pieces isn’t fully realised and has more potential but this is a learning curve that can improve with time. Skills has highlighted that I have learnt a lot of skills and tried to apply them but the end results dont fully resemble this.

Overall the feedback highlighted concerns over all three categories but all three can be solved with simple solutions :-

  • Skills isn’t so much a problem due to the quality of the final pieces being below par due to time restraints so further development of time is needed and of the skills evidence wise in the books.
  • Context can benefit on looking deeper and further evidence of where my pieces would sit in the artist world.Also speaking to other artists that work in the mediums and interest areas would be of great benefit and maybe another person/s interpretation may help me on my own.
  • Ideas hasn’t really been a problem I tend to create pieces that fulfill a purpose such as a bowl so that if they dont work for the purpose they were intended then the idea hasn’t fully worked and a different approach is necessary.

Second year has seen the same areas improving but not at a pace that my tutors are not concerned about and the fear of a 3rd qualification at graduation is hanging over but many have said that regardless of the grade you get that doesnt decide what you can achieve in life as people who have got lower grades can even top those who get the highest grade on the market in the real world.


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