BAMS Medal (Subject Retrieval Work)

My feedback for the medal highlighted that the second attempt of the medal was stronger than the first but more work was needed and more visual focus would be needed. This feedback was disheartening as the context problem came cropping back up. But looking to the future remodel of the piece I hope to solve this problem.

For this new medal I wanted to take what the meaning of a medal is, depending on the context of the medal will reflect the way it is perceived for example

  • An olympic medal is awarded for outstanding achievement in the his/hers area of specialism area such as tom daley and diving
  • A veteran would be awarded for their bravery in the face of life threatening and fatal circumstances sometimes at the cost of limbs, loss of bodily functions  and such or awarded after death

Looking at those two areas BAMS moves in the area of the two sides of the medal telling the story and the side of the medal telling a narrative. As a student the narrative of the future not in the sense of the political climate but also the general situations of life I feel that a medal that symbolise the idea of looking to the unknown and interacting with the medal.

Imagery wise I would imagine a sculpted seeing eye that would face a series of circular plates that the holder can adjust to be able to see through the medal with the message that the future is uncertain but going forwards no matter what is the only way.

Due to feedback from both formative and summative I will highlight more the ideas and demonstrate my use of wording and imagery and how the message relates to the context I am aiming to get across and how this may look visually all of the designs made I will highlight what works and what may need tweaking in the eyes of the examiners assessing the work and take things forward as I hope to be able to submit either this year or next.



Future Gesamtkunstwerk

At the end feedback talk with Pip we discussed the future prospects and ideas that I was thinking of doing not just in third year but also in the graduate market. Admittedly the results haven’t exactly helped the confidence aspect of my work but its never to late to change things, Pity they didn’t tell whoever came up with that at any point a student like myself would curse those words whilst struggling to keep to a deadline. With Gesamtkunstwerk meaning the ideal and Ideal meaning :- Satisfying one’s concept of perfection. Looking further in research wise I discovered a mathematical practice method known as Fibonacci which like the title of the project I can’t flaming pronounce either which is considered the perfect pattern of nature and architecture among many things.

Due to my interests in digital processes such as Rhino the 3d printing software and Glass and wood I believe that I have found an area that will be off great interest to work in for third year and beyond as long as things work out the best they can


Gesamtkunstwerk is a german orientated word from an artistic translation meaning of a total work of art, ideal work of art, universal piece of art and so on as examples

In the arts world the ideal is differently interpreted for everyone as some prefer or like the use of one material and others prefer and some prefer what can be considered a minimal approach to a more complex. everyone has their favorite picks its just a case of what you prefer. To start of the project understanding what the ideal piece of work is has a difficult starting point as for me my ideal piece would be something that follows these categories

  • Made out of glass or wood or a combination of the two
  • Have an appealing texture and coloured effect as well as pattern.

Due to the facilities and resources made available to me at Cardiff Met some of the processes and techniques are not achievable or doable to the best quality on campus so with a bit of research further afield I hope I will be able to achieve this.

Focusing Gesamtkunstwerk project

With a Resubmission, Summer project and dissertation to among many things ive decided to highlight everything I need to achieve with each project and slowly highlight on the long list what  has been done and the evidence that will show this shown here. :-

  • What is Gesamtkunstwerk
  • What is my Ideal/characteristic appeal
  • What is my ideal Material/s
  • What would the audience of my work see in view of my ideas and interests
  • Do my objects have a meaning, a sentimental reasoning
  • Do they have a function or a method of having a function that the owner can endure
  • Is there a message to the pieces or body of work that I want to get across and why this is
  • Do the materials highlight this deeper rooted meaning
  • What is the emotive appeal and visual physical appeal

These areas among many others are the focus points. Overall the meaning and reasoning of the project is what my tutor and head of course Ingrid is looking for in the final year. I feel that the pressure is on come September and what exactly I want to do and the standard of work that is needed for the Pecha Kucha talk is worrying and whether the object I have selected will be good enough is another thing but with the flexibility to do my own thing this year which I struggled with for the past two years will give me the edge to get the best grade possible. Just have to see how things work out.

Subject Retrieval Project continued

Due to the nature of the material of glass the results can either go well or against you and takes many years of dedication, skill and confidence to carry on till you get the results you want. On Maker when the project came round I had a rough idea of the way I wanted the project to go with the intention of the final pieces being glass usable/functional objects.

When speaking to Martyn the technician of Maker he wasnt entirely sure himself why the bubbles happened but had an idea of the circumstances that could have caused this.

basically it was a factor of several things

  • The temperature process of the kiln – this is something that would require testing beforehand as certain temperatures produce certain results or a result that may not be what you want.
  • Due to the leaves being different sizes and colours,weight and angled in the mould as well as the shape of the mould leading to air in the kiln forcing heat into areas that will cause the bubbles.

But it can just be the luck that it worked or it didn’t for resubmission ive decided to resubmit the work for :-

  • BAMS :- Re-submit a new medal with the intention of making the medal for the bams competition
  • Delight in Light :- Submit the original idea for the lamp for the resubmit refined with the areas improved that Pip highlighted in the feedback at end of year and enter as well a new lamp that I intend to enter the competition and make for myself to show my skills which hasn’t truely been given the justice it deserves.

As well as the work for Make Your Mark. The reason for doing all this is because I want to use everything I have done and used in the past two years for advertising purposes on my blog, website and social media presence and I dont feel yet that there is anything that reaches the standard of the market that is expected so producing all the work for resubmission will show that I have taken on the advice given and improved or mutated the outcomes in according and show how I intend to market them for future use and how they relate and meet the requirements and criteria necessary for a successful Contemporary style piece. Plus I like a challenge as it will be in the market upon graduation so may as well start now.

Subject Retrieval Work Beginnings

For the retrieval project I have been asked to resubmit areas that dint reach the standards of exhibition quality and of the grade criteria of all degree courses partially due to timing lack of confidence and struggling with a suitable and definitive idea and the critical context and political degree wording which even now I struggle to fully comprehend. For this Re-submission I am submitting the work of Make Your Mark and if necessary which I will check with Pip but if i need to cover everything I have ideas and the evidence to cover all three projects and if everything reaches the standards look into going forward with the Competition aspects of the live briefs being :-

  • Delight In Light – Lamp project
  • BAMS – Medal project

For the resubmission I will show the new ideas for the BAMS medal and delight in light as the original idea for Delight In light I will still make but will be a one of piece for my nephew. Based on the feedback I received nothing points in the direction of collateral damage in the sense that everyone on the course is  at the top and you’re at the bottom and you will never get to where they’re at which is a positive point and a realistic one as im sure that some of the areas I struggle in are a struggle area for everyone on the course.

The Lamp

Looking at the feedback the lamp project came the most under fire for a few problems that relate to the piece being unfinished and quality issues overall. Looking back im glad I stuck with the child’s lamp idea as I believe and the feedback did say there is potential but the errors and quality presented dragged it down. I still intend to make a high quality version of the lamp for my nephew and answer the questions in the feedback that were misunderstood and why what I produced for the end of year exhibition didn’t help me and how the new development will show a better understanding of the quality and context of the ideas although the context area has always been a struggle for me and with improvement I feel will be my area of weaknesses in the future even as a professional Maker which I see myself as rather than a designer or an Artist.

I also Intend to create a series of designs and through those select one that I will trial and error for entering the competition and will seek the advice of one of my tutors most likely huw for quality and the best possible portfolio of work to enter plus like the medal will be the perfect item to use in portfolio.