With Third year starting in September and Dissertation hand in deadline in February/March there is a time to get things done for the dissertation and the time is now. Through the options that were available for the dissertation being

  • 8,000 to 10,000 word
  • 6,000 word and a physical object
  • Written dissertation and accompanying presentation
  • Written Dissertation and business Plan

Based on the ideas that were put forwarded and approved by Martyn The option picked was the 6,000 word document and a physical object. The idea behind the dissertation was the idea of Phenomenology and Glass and how the two one being an idea and theoretical theory and the other being a material link together along with what I have learnt in constellation over the past two years. Admittedly the connection between the two to me is there but finding it and bringing it together aren’t fully realised in my head yet so things will have to play out until they come together or that starting point is found. Despite this I have started the dissertation opening part and am hoping to have at least half of the essay done by the end of the month and the start of August just to give myself targets and stay on track with the other things I need to do.


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