The Lamp

Looking at the feedback the lamp project came the most under fire for a few problems that relate to the piece being unfinished and quality issues overall. Looking back im glad I stuck with the child’s lamp idea as I believe and the feedback did say there is potential but the errors and quality presented dragged it down. I still intend to make a high quality version of the lamp for my nephew and answer the questions in the feedback that were misunderstood and why what I produced for the end of year exhibition didn’t help me and how the new development will show a better understanding of the quality and context of the ideas although the context area has always been a struggle for me and with improvement I feel will be my area of weaknesses in the future even as a professional Maker which I see myself as rather than a designer or an Artist.

I also Intend to create a series of designs and through those select one that I will trial and error for entering the competition and will seek the advice of one of my tutors most likely huw for quality and the best possible portfolio of work to enter plus like the medal will be the perfect item to use in portfolio.


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