The Medal

For my medal I wanted to make the medal send the message of sustainability which is ironic as a lot of material was used and in a sense wasted during the making process to the end result. Throughout the year feedback was having difficulty in helping me and im sure my tutors would agree the idea was there but what was produced wasnt getting the home run approach a medal needs so it didn’t come together however despite this I learnt a valuable process in bronze and the time process a medal roughly takes through every stage give or take to the end.

Over the summer I will attempt to redesign a few possible ideas for the medal and hopefully enter the competition aspect of bams and if possible exhibit in Craft In The Bay but I will need to see one of my tutors to discuss this if possible and take things forward and fight my corner on this as this is a great piece of work to have for portfolio purposes and cv purposes if i can take advantage of the circumstances. Plus with the extra cushion of knowledge to fall on ill be more confident in what can be achieved in third year and in the live briefs than I did when the projects were first delivered.


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