Subject Retrieval Work Beginnings

For the retrieval project I have been asked to resubmit areas that dint reach the standards of exhibition quality and of the grade criteria of all degree courses partially due to timing lack of confidence and struggling with a suitable and definitive idea and the critical context and political degree wording which even now I struggle to fully comprehend. For this Re-submission I am submitting the work of Make Your Mark and if necessary which I will check with Pip but if i need to cover everything I have ideas and the evidence to cover all three projects and if everything reaches the standards look into going forward with the Competition aspects of the live briefs being :-

  • Delight In Light – Lamp project
  • BAMS – Medal project

For the resubmission I will show the new ideas for the BAMS medal and delight in light as the original idea for Delight In light I will still make but will be a one of piece for my nephew. Based on the feedback I received nothing points in the direction of collateral damage in the sense that everyone on the course is  at the top and you’re at the bottom and you will never get to where they’re at which is a positive point and a realistic one as im sure that some of the areas I struggle in are a struggle area for everyone on the course.


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