Subject Retrieval Project continued

Due to the nature of the material of glass the results can either go well or against you and takes many years of dedication, skill and confidence to carry on till you get the results you want. On Maker when the project came round I had a rough idea of the way I wanted the project to go with the intention of the final pieces being glass usable/functional objects.

When speaking to Martyn the technician of Maker he wasnt entirely sure himself why the bubbles happened but had an idea of the circumstances that could have caused this.

basically it was a factor of several things

  • The temperature process of the kiln – this is something that would require testing beforehand as certain temperatures produce certain results or a result that may not be what you want.
  • Due to the leaves being different sizes and colours,weight and angled in the mould as well as the shape of the mould leading to air in the kiln forcing heat into areas that will cause the bubbles.

But it can just be the luck that it worked or it didn’t for resubmission ive decided to resubmit the work for :-

  • BAMS :- Re-submit a new medal with the intention of making the medal for the bams competition
  • Delight in Light :- Submit the original idea for the lamp for the resubmit refined with the areas improved that Pip highlighted in the feedback at end of year and enter as well a new lamp that I intend to enter the competition and make for myself to show my skills which hasn’t truely been given the justice it deserves.

As well as the work for Make Your Mark. The reason for doing all this is because I want to use everything I have done and used in the past two years for advertising purposes on my blog, website and social media presence and I dont feel yet that there is anything that reaches the standard of the market that is expected so producing all the work for resubmission will show that I have taken on the advice given and improved or mutated the outcomes in according and show how I intend to market them for future use and how they relate and meet the requirements and criteria necessary for a successful Contemporary style piece. Plus I like a challenge as it will be in the market upon graduation so may as well start now.


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