Focusing Gesamtkunstwerk project

With a Resubmission, Summer project and dissertation to among many things ive decided to highlight everything I need to achieve with each project and slowly highlight on the long list what  has been done and the evidence that will show this shown here. :-

  • What is Gesamtkunstwerk
  • What is my Ideal/characteristic appeal
  • What is my ideal Material/s
  • What would the audience of my work see in view of my ideas and interests
  • Do my objects have a meaning, a sentimental reasoning
  • Do they have a function or a method of having a function that the owner can endure
  • Is there a message to the pieces or body of work that I want to get across and why this is
  • Do the materials highlight this deeper rooted meaning
  • What is the emotive appeal and visual physical appeal

These areas among many others are the focus points. Overall the meaning and reasoning of the project is what my tutor and head of course Ingrid is looking for in the final year. I feel that the pressure is on come September and what exactly I want to do and the standard of work that is needed for the Pecha Kucha talk is worrying and whether the object I have selected will be good enough is another thing but with the flexibility to do my own thing this year which I struggled with for the past two years will give me the edge to get the best grade possible. Just have to see how things work out.


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