Future Gesamtkunstwerk

At the end feedback talk with Pip we discussed the future prospects and ideas that I was thinking of doing not just in third year but also in the graduate market. Admittedly the results haven’t exactly helped the confidence aspect of my work but its never to late to change things, Pity they didn’t tell whoever came up with that at any point a student like myself would curse those words whilst struggling to keep to a deadline. With Gesamtkunstwerk meaning the ideal and Ideal meaning :- Satisfying one’s concept of perfection. Looking further in research wise I discovered a mathematical practice method known as Fibonacci which like the title of the project I can’t flaming pronounce either which is considered the perfect pattern of nature and architecture among many things.

Due to my interests in digital processes such as Rhino the 3d printing software and Glass and wood I believe that I have found an area that will be off great interest to work in for third year and beyond as long as things work out the best they can


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