Gesamtkunstwerk is a german orientated word from an artistic translation meaning of a total work of art, ideal work of art, universal piece of art and so on as examples

In the arts world the ideal is differently interpreted for everyone as some prefer or like the use of one material and others prefer and some prefer what can be considered a minimal approach to a more complex. everyone has their favorite picks its just a case of what you prefer. To start of the project understanding what the ideal piece of work is has a difficult starting point as for me my ideal piece would be something that follows these categories

  • Made out of glass or wood or a combination of the two
  • Have an appealing texture and coloured effect as well as pattern.

Due to the facilities and resources made available to me at Cardiff Met some of the processes and techniques are not achievable or doable to the best quality on campus so with a bit of research further afield I hope I will be able to achieve this.


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