BAMS Medal (Subject Retrieval Work)

My feedback for the medal highlighted that the second attempt of the medal was stronger than the first but more work was needed and more visual focus would be needed. This feedback was disheartening as the context problem came cropping back up. But looking to the future remodel of the piece I hope to solve this problem.

For this new medal I wanted to take what the meaning of a medal is, depending on the context of the medal will reflect the way it is perceived for example

  • An olympic medal is awarded for outstanding achievement in the his/hers area of specialism area such as tom daley and diving
  • A veteran would be awarded for their bravery in the face of life threatening and fatal circumstances sometimes at the cost of limbs, loss of bodily functions  and such or awarded after death

Looking at those two areas BAMS moves in the area of the two sides of the medal telling the story and the side of the medal telling a narrative. As a student the narrative of the future not in the sense of the political climate but also the general situations of life I feel that a medal that symbolise the idea of looking to the unknown and interacting with the medal.

Imagery wise I would imagine a sculpted seeing eye that would face a series of circular plates that the holder can adjust to be able to see through the medal with the message that the future is uncertain but going forwards no matter what is the only way.

Due to feedback from both formative and summative I will highlight more the ideas and demonstrate my use of wording and imagery and how the message relates to the context I am aiming to get across and how this may look visually all of the designs made I will highlight what works and what may need tweaking in the eyes of the examiners assessing the work and take things forward as I hope to be able to submit either this year or next.



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