Subject retrieval work Delight in Light

For the retrieval work for the lamp and the criteria for the competition aspect of the project which im still unsure whether to enter this piece or make another outcome and submit that. Due to not having the facilities to make the proper piece obviously costing and timescale accuracy will be completely of or somewhat inaccurate as a prototype cost to a possible mass produced outcome. For Resubmission the main areas Pip wanted to see where

  • The design sheets
  • And a better quality of prototype maquette

Obviously if all goes to plan I would like to make the piece mainly as a gift to my 6 year old nephew that helped with photographing the practice lamp previously. For the competition aspect there are a few areas that I need to find a way to illustrate how they come about in my piece these being :-

  • Purpose – Why are you making this, where will it go, is it suitable, is it domestic or commercial in use.
  • Performance – Will it be safe, will it be suitable to produce a source of light, does this piece comply with the necessary health and safety legal requirements of the industry.
  • Features – What values can be added other than the obvious function and how does this benefit the buyer and be suitable to the buyer.
  • Reliability – Will it last, what is the weakness of the product, how can anything be repaired if it breaks or stops functioning.
  • Aesthetics – How will this piece compete on the market, does it go well with it surroundings in the sense of suitability and compatibility of materials, fits the current trends.
  • Quality – Does the quality met marketable standards, will it be sold from online or an individual retailer, and what are there expectations.
  • Packaging – Does the product create barriers without solutions to the cost and delivery and collection to the buyers perspective.
  • Production – How will this be produced commercially or on a lower key market approach.

On Top of this is the if not the most important part of making prior to the criteria of the competition being :-

  • Cost – Prototypes, development, tooling, manufacturing, labour, marketing, distribution.

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