Subject Retrieval Work Make Your Mark

For the Make Your Mark Retrieval brief Pip has asked that I redevelop the idea for the bowls in the sense of shape and find a means to make the process a successful result. As well as this show my understanding of the artist portfolio in the sense of the community, making pieces and building contacts with those that have the resources to achieve results that as an individual I dont have access to. And follow these points :-

  • Who are the competitors.
  • Where can I get the supplies to make what I want to make.
  • Where are potential employers and businesses located.
  • Do I need further training or placements.
  • How can I sell my work.
  • How can I protect my ideas.
  • Upskill.
  • Where do my strengths lie and what can I do with them and what do I need to improve on to be the best I can.
  • Will this lead to higher education
  • Are these hands on our digital processes
  • Will this be a physical or digital portfolio
  • Identity and artist stance
  • Whose work do I look upto and who influences me with mine
  • Find what is available to help start the market up.

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