Subject Retrieval Level five Delight In Light (Part 1)

For the retrieval aspect of Delight In Light I focused on the original concept of the piece based on the feedback of my tutors and the opinions of my fellow makers on the course. For the original model of the lamp there was originally five parts to both the top and bottom part that would be connected together, Due to finding an idea later than intended and needed and the timescale of waiting for materials things just went on a landslide trajectory since then. But looking forward ive managed to find solutions to the problems and will explain the problems as they came up and how I have resolved these for resubmission

  1. When the original concept of the five sides of the lamp was introduced I considered this an easier option than six sides although afterwards a friend stated that six sides would have been better for the following reason :-
  • For the five sides in order to come together as a shaped object the inner angles would have to be divided by the number of panels by the overall angle bearing which is 360 and divided by 5 would equal 72 degrees. This was a challenge as there were two ways of getting the shape but neither was 100% accurate to the best result :-

The first method involved laser cutting the five parts out separately sanding on a sander saw both edges at a 72 degree angle and smoothing the edges with wet and dry sheets before gluing together. This was a problem as the sandbed doesn’t have a 72 degree point so I cant know for definate the angle and that will affect the quality of the shape and stability of putting the pieces together at the next stage. When this didn’t work I  resorted to laser cutting the size of the piece as one sheet and heat bending the piece were marked to show  where one piece ends and another begins.Unfortunately even with practice this caused problems with some parts being longer than others leaving irregularity on the shape of the piece and damage to the quality of the surface leading to snapping and burn marks. At this stage it proved that the concept and idea was doable but wasnt working this way so for resubmission it would be better possibly to have a six sided pencil shape that is more accurate to the shape of an actual pencil and would make the angles 60 degrees a more rounded number and hopefully more achievable number to get.


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