Subject Retrieval Level Five Make Your Mark

For the past few weeks prior to receiving the brief and afterwards i’ve been visiting and speaking to local and not so local artists in England and hopefully if all goes well get responses from some in America regarding their practice and seeing what they think of the ideas and the work. Also being able to see a setup glass artist and the various different methods of creating these pieces was really interesting and inspiring to see. Also I gained insight into the quality and the competition each artist has with one another and the sort of content local galleries collect and display from the local artists of the area.

Many of the artists stated that glass isn’t a cheap material and the outcomes wont be because of the cost of machinery and the material itself and making a living whilst paying bills wont slow down the cost rise at all. But you shouldn’t not do something if you see a passion growing for it as long as you have sense with your goals and limitations why would there be a problem. Plus finding a buyer or market that is interested in your work is difficult for every artist and some will take longer than others to find it or but having a online and physical travelling collection of work helps draw appeal from further afield than the locals of the area.


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