Subject Retrieval Delight In Light Design Level 5

design sheets part 1design sheets part 2

design sheets part 3design sheets part 4

These are my design sheets for the resubmission of the design sheet aspect of my retrieval breach. I haven’t been able to cover everything I wanted to due to this being a resubmission so costing is something I have left blank until I have the necessary data to fill it in accurately like my fellow makers did for exhibition. One key thing I needed to include was the look of the professional piece as well as the individual aspects of it such as the means of removing the LED if it needs to be replaced and how the panels connect to the chassis of the lamp and why it is a professional level product until assessment deems otherwise. I hope this is enough to be able to pass as im not sure what will happen in the event of it not but ive tried my best with what resources I have available and will improve on the areas that need to be when I can and whether I am allowed to progress on the course.


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