Subject Retrieval Work Delight In Light Context

The revamped Lamp for the Delight In Light project is a light designed for young children that gives an artistic feel intention with the pencil shape of the lamp and the colours connected on the side with the title Bright spark linked to the idea of a child or artist finding an idea and the cartoon symbolism of a light bulb appearing over the top of the character. The original concept for the piece was mistaken for being drawn on which wasnt an intention on my idea or to be suited for this possibility. The intention of the lamp was for the piece to be connected to the top surface of a table or flat surface that will be weighted by a heavy magnet and weight component, And the young child would then draw or sketch using the light as an obvious light source. Due to this being a resubmission I cannot really value how much this would cost to make as problems with the original raising the price would devalue the price of this one making it inaccurate. But to create the piece I would use the original idea of Acrylic to create the major parts from the tip to the base of the model and in order to appeal as a neutral gender lamp the option will be available to the buyer of the selection of colours, the lamp material will be available in which will make the piece more preferable to the individual’s likes rather than the same thing across everyone who would be interested in buying it. To create this piece I would  print the piece that I created on Rhino and test certain processes to see whether with the example of the hollow starting frame as to whether a cnc machine would be better or a laser cutter which I would ask Maff and Joe the technicians of soft modelling before proceeding to get an accurate cost margin.

My intentions due to the age range of the market and the suitability of the product would be to reach to companies such as (TOYS R US, Smyths toy superstore and Argos) due to all three having a reasonable range of prices and variety of lamps within their stores across the uk and hopefully should I approach each company or one company and have a child interact with the lamp as a trial run much like my nephew did with the original incomplete model and produce these finding correcting anything that went wrong prior to this hopefully this would then be up to the decision of the marketing company with the presentation of the accurate costs which I would need the facilities of Uni to achieve this would be how I would professionally present this product on the market outside of the competition of Delight In Light and the University surroundings.



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