Subject Retrieval Work Level 5 Delight in light Resub outcome

For the Delight in Light project I have done my best to address the problems highlighted in the original design and find means to meet the health and safety standards as well as providing a successful outcome that should have been the original. These are the results of this update :-

magnet 19th august

On the original model the pieces couldnt link together and when they did the angles cut to the sides did not line up completely correctly so I made a chassis to the shape of the now six sided piece and using the magnets from the  original as shown I have now made it so that the magnets connect the piece together removing the problem of the sharp sides and the problem with the angles of the piece and removes the need of glue to be used reducing one of the expenses.

open top 19th august


As shown on rhino how the pieces would connect to the lamp and to remove the possible problem of any child pulling them a bumper will be placed on the bottom of the piece  which will hold additional strength to the magnets.

t 19th august

One problem that Pip highlighted with the Lamp that I have corrected is placing a part to the base that can be attached to the surface by two magnets and a weight to avoid the possibility of the lamp being moved easily. Also in order to replace the Led bulb in a slumped down top of the panels allow access to the  bulb from underneath that can be unclipped and the panels being detachable through an inner lip in the base of the model which will be thicker in the material of 3mm width so easy access and replacement of parts is highlighted and with the light being brought down further into the base and with slats in between the pieces rather than a solid sheet of material this will help the light source be more effective and will reduce the risk of heat build up from the lamp which depends on the power of the bulb in question.

sea 19th august

The slats on top are a connected set of six slots with extra slots connected to allow the layer above to be connected to which allows the light source enough to avoid the risk of damage to the bulb and the material. This is also another means of making it easier to replace the bulb if each section as a part is detachable from the rest but this is to the discretion of the buyer at the time if the bulb needs to be replaced as both options are suitable and safe to use.

lamp completed 19th august

This is the finalised model redesigned from the original idea with the pencil idea re modified but without the pencils and such attached to the shape but rather to separate parts that come as part of the overall piece in a sale. Overall I am happy that all of the problems seem to have been created although I am not sure whether the look of the piece strikes straight away as a pencil and may have to be modified if I was intent on making the piece.

lamp 19th august

This is the finalised model of the lamp with the additions of the pencils to either side of the front of the piece. I  am much more happy with the look and the quality of the piece and as far as things have gone there seems to be no underlying problems with the piece.


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