Gesamtkunstwerk before

Due to the nature of this project I wanted to have a before and after review of the content of the project in preperation for third year. Gesamtkunstwerk apart from being an absolute pain in the arse to spell and pronounce is German in origin for the identification for the ideal. Many instances can branch from this such as what your ideal partner, tattoo, lifestyle, body image and so on. From an artistic experience answering the ideal is practically impossible and thinking about this project may help me with my dissertation questioning and analysis of the context of the investigation.

For me the Gesamtkunstwerk idea at this moment in time for an ideal object is something that brings my passion and continuing exploration of materials whilst being eye catching unique to what exists on the market now and potential future markets. as well as being a functional but visibly satisfying piece. For me the ideal is almost a state of flux as a piece of work is constantly changing but has to come to an end but the idea of the piece can be further developed like a series of pieces. With all this in mind and with the areas my dissertation is investigating the two could potentially help each other out.

Before starting this project I wanted to think how I believed the project would turn out and review at the end how different or similar the results where on one end of the spectrum to another. I feel that the project will hopefully show a variety of artist materials, influences, origins and markets for potential display or at least that is my aim to reach, no pressure or easy task then.




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