Pecha Kucha

Next week with the final touches being made over the weekend the work for third year Pecha Kucha will be complete albeit there’s a lot of blogging and editing to cover over the months since the end of second year and now. Over the holidays myself and fellow makers were asked to research and collect a series of images based on the idea of Gesamtkunstwerk meaning the ideal. After receiving an email on the maker social page shown below

In case some of you, like me, have been getting a bit confused about what we are meant to be presenting for the summer project here is what Ingrid sent me-

*Question* Are we presenting our 10 or more objects and talking about each of them as well as presenting the object we have designed as a result of the collection?
*Answer* That is one solution….but there are others … you are asked to present a Pecha Kucha- which is 20 images (no text to be included and no composite images i.e. one image per slide), each image stays up for 20 seconds so essentially you need 20 seconds worth of talking content for each image…(that’s a lot of information if you are standing in front of static image and you will be) so you can choose to show all of your ‘collection’ or just some of it, as you may want to use more images that are non-object based… images that provide context for example…..images that show developmental ideas may be more important to you then showing everything from your ‘collection’ ….these are the only rules and it is not prescriptive in content as it is important that there is room for interpretation, what matters is that you have evidenced your research and synthesis in the way that best suits you… bear in mind this is just the starting point of discussion….. and I am well aware it is in fact a very difficult task ….

From this I think the level of confusion jumped a few steps to what the actual frig(being politely put). But from this I decided if there is no wrong way other than not doing it I would go through the 20 artists that I had used originally for 1 artist piece of work per slide and narrowed down which seemed more fitting for the initial idea I would like to make for potentially the final piece of the exhibition. From there everything else remains static until each and every maker on the course has displayed the work of their summer project and waited to see what the initial feedback of this will be.






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