Gesamtkunstwerk Andy Goldsworthy

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Function – what does it do, or did it do … is this of interest to you? What is it purpose.

Andy Goldsworthy’s work is more based upon short term existing pieces with a few more permanent pieces done through request or from organizations related to the preservation of the environment for example. As a function I would say they work as an applied art piece meaning something that doesn’t appear to serve a purpose but impose the idea of nature and the relation we have to objects in the sense nothing lasts or stays the way it is forever. The use of materials from nature found on location and adapted if necessary is of great interest to me mainly the idea that as a maker you are asked to understand the materials you are using and in the sense Andy adapts the natural scenery to his will which is difficult to achieve but shows understanding of working with a material and its limitations not against it.

Material – Are you drawn to it because of the material it is made from?

I am interested in this method of working as working with a material source that isn’t shipped in or made within the uni facilities is something that many makers really don’t have opportunity’s to do whilst in an institute promoting learning such as universities. Plus the idea of manipulating something on location with the possible intention of being an exhibiting part of an exhibition is an extra challenge on top of an already difficult challenge. Plus the idea that unlike most art pieces once they are made unless they are damaged they stay that way forever opens the opportunity to change or adapt pieces over a period of time with an almost unlimited resources around or easy access to more if needed something that is costly in universities and transport necessities to move them.


Craftsmanship – Is it the virtuosity of skill evident in the object?

Any artist no matter how long or short there career has been and no matter what material/s they are working in know that it takes time to master and be happy with your own work and it is evident in his work that exists for shorter lifespans than the more permanent pieces. Andy shows that the skills of a completed object are doubled on a non-permanent piece of work due to the elemental forces  and extra pressures on the ideal but shows that a craftsmen most work with the inevitable and adapt as the problems occur which shows with the structure and layout of his work.

Expression – Does it speak to you, move you, if so how?

This way of working speaks to me more about the project and way of thinking than what it is to be honest, Given that this project is focusing an individual’s idea of the ideal there isn’t a right or wrong answer to give. The work speaks to me in the sense that nature holds many interesting and unique dependant on location and the environment around opportunity’s something that is exhibited in Andy’s Ice work in colder climates and twig and rock sculpts in more forest and natural habitat locations. This moves me because in university’s that inspiration doesn’t entirely shine through and sometimes focuses more on the ideal of a mass produced rather than series of constant but adapted pieces due to profit and evidence of skill reasoning, So in a sense challenges one of the fundamental challenges artists face in a career and financial situation.

Innovative – Does it inspire? Does it challenge, is it beautiful, and if so why?

It inspires me as having worked with leaves and natural materials in past projects and intending to do the same in this year’s work there is a sense of a race against time much like meeting deadlines and completing work and with natural pieces naturally deteriorating in time continuing the cycle of life there is a great beauty in working in a process that you learn to master more and more as you fight against the elements which will have different results depending on location and materials being used and the weather at the time. This to me is beautiful as it will be greatly difficult to repeat a piece after the initial piece is finished meaning that you will never be doing the same thing. And this to me speaks of the project of wanting to try something that can be done but never twice and will be more personal on its own merits every time.  And more important to the artists and the viewers of the work.


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