Gesamtkunstwerk Matt Chambers

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Function – what does it do, or did it do … is this of interest to you? What is it purpose.

Matt chambers work explores the use of the circular shape of objects that gradually shrink in size the further and further backwards they go into the heart of the piece. From observation I would believe that his series of sculptural work serves no functional function but more of a display piece showing the beauty and intrigue of ceramics as a movement and a material used in the artistic practices all around the world.

Material – Are you drawn to it because of the material it is made from?

Matts work much like any ceramic work to be perfectly honest isn’t something I would honestly draw myself to straight away, mainly due to my lack of skill in throwing which is something that I hope to spend further time on in the future. Despite this I love the use of stoneware clay in the piece and the fact that every piece seen individually in the work is made by hand on the potter’s wheel and placed within the piece layer after layer to get the shown result. Also knowing that Ceramics is a unforgiving material in some respects when it comes to surfaces and the hands of the potter and the details of the skin imprinting as well as the risks of explosions and improper firing but the shear quality of the pieces individually despite all these known problems is very respectable and the use of depth and layering despite these problems is really interesting and something I am considering making part of my exhibition piece either as a form of look or a physical characteristic.

Craftsmanship – Is it the virtuosity of skill evident in the object?

With the visual skill and dedication put into throwing and ceramic piece building within my university there is great skill shown in Matt’s work especially when researching further and seeing his work first hand in London. As ceramics is such a delicate and unforgiving dependant on which way you perceive it material due to surface textures, also with all the dangers of breakages and looking further into the pieces and seeing the size that they go from on the outside to the inside shows great skill and belief due to ceramics unkind nature.

Expression – Does it speak to you, move you, if so how?

What particularly moves me with this series of work is the use of shape through throwing and the use of layering from small to larger and that in some of the pieces there is a pattern formed that is consistent with every layer which I would really like to explore as to how this is possible without error occurring.

Innovative – Does it inspire? Does it challenge, is it beautiful, and if so why?

Due to the very nature of ceramics as a material allowing for even a second will result in something going wrong I believe this inspires me to take greater risks but be more prepared then previous endeavours to master the skill level evident in this particular series of work. As far as challenge goes this is one of the most simplest yet inspiring ceramic pieces I have ever seen first-hand and despite my lack of using the material and skill in using the material I hope to find a means to be able to bring my strengths and combine these weaknesses to create pieces that from the inspiration of Matts work show that anything is possible providing you work at it and have more than one way of achieving the desired result.


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