Gesamtkunstwerk Philippine Sowerby

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Function – what does it do, or did it do … is this of interest to you? What is it purpose.

Philippine Sowerby work acts as a more playful and interactive nature that can regarded as a craft piece without a functional purpose or a piece that allows interaction from the collector of the piece in the sense of they can conform and shape and even removes certain parts of the piece if that is desired with the potential to make a collection of objects from one object. This is of great interest to me mainly due to the fact that the materials I tend to work in are hazardous but do produce beautiful results but due to their hazardous nature and reputation they are approached with caution. My interest if further developed is to create pieces inspired by nature that have the playful nature shown in Sowerbys work but also the use of other materials potentially collaborating more than one material and finding ways to make several or possibly limitless objects as the result of just the pieces made together of the original

Material – Are you drawn to it because of the material it is made from?

Due to the wood used in the pieces being from local regions the link to the natural surroundings is something I greatly admire and hope to introduce in my own work if I possibly can. Also the use of making an object from the deceased origins of an existing object is something that I note I do in my own work but makes use of what may go to waste. And almost dedicates to the natural cycle of Nature.

Craftsmanship – Is it the virtuosity of skill evident in the object?

Just looking at the pieces can show that the attention needed to get the shape desired cut into the wood shows great skill as wood when being cut is well known to be inaccurate and taking sanding and manipulation to get the desired result. Also a great amount of skill is needed to be able to create a single part of the jigsaw piece without damaging the area around it to the point that the piece even when cut up wont form back to the original shape and the intended desire of the artist.

Expression – Does it speak to you, move you, if so how?

This speaks to me as I’ve always tried to maintain a balance of functional but also creative interaction with my work whether this be through the links to the environment or the links to the material and its limitations itself. One thing I would say about the piece is that I believe there can be more evolution to the work which using this piece and artists ass an influence will be my starting point but the idea of making a piece in this means is something I find I more prefer and as well as creating functional objects this would be my major area of research and interest.

Innovative – Does it inspire? Does it challenge, is it beautiful, and if so why?

This inspires me as unlike most of the work I’ve seen and some of the artists I have researched and used for influence and a starting point in my work the interactive nature is more of a dominating feature and I quite like the idea of this as I want to build a career that allows me to make what I want to make but also allows anyone interested in the work to adapt the piece but also add at request something as I believe this makes the piece more personal to the individual than it would as just my own idea in a gallery but of course this is the desired result and opinion of the buyer or collector in question.


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