Gesamtkunstwerk Shelley Doolan

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Function – what does it do, or did it do … is this of interest to you? What is it purpose.

Shelley Doolan’s work serves as decorative sculptural or weighted pieces that explore shape and material dexterity. Doolans works serves as adjustable ornamental display pieces that can be made more effective with the use of some form of light source directed at the piece also if requested can be adjusted to be mountable to the wall. This is of interest to me as I like to create a textured feel to my work and something that can be manipulated even if it’s on a small scale to meet the needs of the individual buyers which is essentially a major factor in the selling of work.

Material – Are you drawn to it because of the material it is made from?

What I like about the material use of the works by Shelley is how her understanding of the material allows her to explore areas and potential that I myself haven’t thought of or conceived as possible due to cost and the resources available. The use of such large amounts of glass and in particular the use of the process known as Lost Wax Casting is greatly admiring especially knowing that the process is long and tiring but the results are fantastic never the less.

Craftsmanship – Is it the virtuosity of skill evident in the object?

Speaking as someone who uses Rhino there is evidently a great deal of knowledge and skill in her work as starting designs even if they are repetitive is not easy but once you have achieved your intended result can be high sort after as outcomes and career opportunities, plus the combination of technological processes and glass opens up new opportunities that are limited with glass and without technological intervention cannot be achieved as easily, consistently or as high a quality.

Expression – Does it speak to you, move you, if so how?

These works move me as usually I tend to focus on objects and outcomes that for fill some form of function such as a bowl or a drinking vessel. This mainly being due to difficulties with the idea of context within my work mainly. What I particularly like about her work is the combination of processes that I myself have been learning through Maker so I have a good understanding of what goes on and how they are achieved which I don’t usually have on artists work. Plus the mix of technological and hands on processes create a stunning piece combined together which is something that I hope to include n my work or future works.


Innovative – Does it inspire? Does it challenge, is it beautiful, and if so why?

What I take away from the work is the obvious knowledge that combining processes that have existed for many years and the combination of newer and ever developing technologies such as 3d printing when brought together create some fascinating and high quality results. This has made re-evaluate my take on traditional processes in comparison to more technological methods that are more machinery oriented. My reasoning for this way of thinking is that as art and craft and pretty much everything evolves there is an obvious shift in development where certain methods will be prioritised to a more industrial method of mass producing and sort of I feel remove the joys and the passion for making, but I feel that making by hand will always be a desired result and a combination of understanding for digital technologies will greatly increase opportunity’s.


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