Gesamtkunstwerk John Edmark

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Function – what does it do, or did it do … is this of interest to you? What is it purpose.

John Edmark’s work focuses on simple and continuous patterns that alone are interesting and simple to make but can become a more complex idea as further development is endured. This is of interest to me as I like to use continuous patterns within my work to create a more flowing look, plus the simplicity of the look of the work means that you can adjust and add to the piece and evolve the idea and the look of the piece as it goes along.

Material – Are you drawn to it because of the material it is made from?

John Edmarks 3D printed outcomes are an interest to me due to my developing interest in 3D printing and the useful ability to be able to test the look of a piece digitally before even beginning to create a physical piece. Also as the 3D making and object market has increased the appeal for a high quality look at a lower cost budget is more appealing. Plus with what im intending to do for my final pieces there will be a great amount of manipulation so 3d printing and digital designing will be able to give me an idea of what the piece will look like and whether the idea will work.

Craftsmanship – Is it the virtuosity of skill evident in the object?

Edmarks work has a great attention to craftsmanship due to following the pattern of fibonacci in his 3D printed pieces as 3d printing is a difficult program to use at the best of times especially when creating a consistent pattern that has to be totally accurate or the piece will be thrown off.

Expression – Does it speak to you, move you, if so how?

I believe the simplicity of the use of pattern within John Edmark’s work is ideal as fibonacci has a less is more approach and the practical experimental and end results is really interesting and simple but conforming to a repetitive pattern. This moves me as it shows me a practical and cost effective way to test and create patterns to test the look and idea of what the look of the piece will be like before making the final piece.

Innovative – Does it inspire? Does it challenge, is it beautiful, and if so why?

The fibonacci pattern is considered the ideal look and form in not just art but everything really, and I believe this is challenging as such a process that exists so wildly is difficult to find a new edge to look at. I believe this is a challenge especially when using materials that don’t conform a lot of the time to a perfect corresponding pattern. This intending to work in glass will prove a challenge especially when the processes and ideal look of the pieces I intend to make will go against the idea that fibonacci is all about.


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