Level 6 Questionnaire

As part of all future tutorials and plans of action for third year leading up to the end of year exhibition Ingrid has asked for a questionnaire that highlights the key areas that need to be considered for throughout the year and will help make effective the use of our time so that the best possible results are presented at each point throughout the year ready for the final exhibit process of Maker.

  1. Identify three key values in your own practice ?
  • Challenging the idea of presenting material and the contextual meaning to the function and the meaning that material develops.
  • Creating pieces that hold true to the artist influence, way of making whilst functioning as functional and stand alone pieces.
  • Creating something that exhibits the influence of others but majorly my own take on the artistic world.

2. What is the purpose/function of your practice ?

  • For me I like to create pieces that reflect my interests in nature, colour and pattern and allow themselves to be used for a function or a decorative feature which is up to the owner of the piece to decide in the end. Due to the nature of glass I like to find ways of creating pieces that reduce the fears linked to the hazards and economic costings of the work.

3. Who is your audience/user ?

  • My audience for my work would focus for the obvious reasons on those that are interested in works made in glass but also those that are collectors of decorative or functional objects.

4. How do you access them ?

  • My work in the sense of access would hopefully be available through gallery or craft festivals as well as an online presence through the websites of these events linked to my own official website.

5. What materials and processes are important to your practice ?

  • Glass for the obvious reasons is a very important material in my making process, however I am interested in working in ceramics and wood even if this is only for the experimental prototypes mainly due to the differences in the surface results of each material.

6. what skills do you want to progress to a professional standard this year ?

  • I want to be able to improve my quality control skills and develop my skills using the laser cutter and cnc as well as rhino 3d printing software. On a practical approach I would like to continue to develop my skills with glass and test the limits and benefits of the material, and find the best machines and techniques to produce the best results.

7. where do you situate your work/practice within a professional context?

  • For a professional context I would situate my work as a physical form from nature combining my love of patterns,colors and objects from nature

8. identify 3 professional practitioners/environments that work in the contexts identified above

  • Andy Goldsworthy
  • Barbara De Pirro
  • Anette Gelder
  • Jamie Burnes

9. where/ do you see yourself working in 5 years

  • In five years time I would like to see myself developing my educational career through a Masters program most likely focusing on the material of glass and developing my ideas to more further professional standards as well as the potential opportunities of teaching the many processes to the limitations within the material of glass such as some of the workshops I will be undertaking at The Glass Hub in Wiltshire.

10. how do you know if your work is of a professional standard.

  • In a honest opinion I would validate the quality of my work to objects that use the materials I use already existent in the market that I am able to see with my own eyes, also having spoken to several artists that work with the material the surface of the material will determine the best choice of action which usually involves sanding and polishing the surface.

11. where can it all go wrong.

  • Due to the many problems that comes from working with the material of glass there are so many things that can go wrong. One of the biggest problems is timescale due to the amount of testing that is needed and the unpredictability of the results, which traditionally takes several attempts to get right through every process.



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