Discussion with Jon before talk

In order to better prepare myself for tutorials especially now im in the third year ive highlighted each separate area of discussion in the previous talk to bring forward the progress into the next tutorial to show how things are evolving something that on feedback I have been said to be lacking. Also the content of this blog has been missing some aspects so hopefully thinking in this way will meet the needs required to get the best grade possible come exhibition next year and graduation next year as well. These are the areas highlighted in my tutorial last week with Ingrid along with the progress of every stage underneath.

  • Look into processes involved in kiln formed glass in the library book the book of kiln glass

Looking through the book im beginning to examine the history of the process of glass art making from the beginning to the present day focusing on how the processes are achieved, what methods of making are around and what can be achieved through each method and how this can be achieved.

  • Looking at the elements:- Fire, Air, Water, Earth

Through collecting objects from nature and online searches in artists across different medias that incorporate this idea I have found many areas and arranged what I have found into each of the relevant categories. The idea of combining the elements and visual forms of nature is intriguing and is something I wish to explore further as the process develops.

  • Pour glass into wet mould of wood

Mentioned by ingrid this is something that I have not yet looked into but will in due course and I have mentioned the idea to Martyn the technician of Maker and will explore after the tutorial on thursday.

  • Why nature

Using nature as a base source is of great interest to me as there is influences all around and the artists that predominantly make up the majority of my influences from the pecha kucha formed from that origin so there is plenty of influence to develop from.

  • Thingiverse

Due to what I am trying to achieve Ingrid suggested using thingiverse a software of free downloadable 3d print models to trial out and dissect along with making my own designs. So far I have downloaded one file and will endeavour to download more in the foreseeable future.



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