Dissertation Planning

With the Formative hand in after the coming week things are getting more and more real in an exciting and terrifying way. My dissertation topic point has been and is still causing me problems but I believe I have found a way to channel a problem to create an idea and a practical outcome that I can collaborate with my exhibit work on Maker. The basis of my dissertation is on the philosophy of Phenomenology and the material of glass using the practical philosophies and opinions of Edmund Husserl and Maurice Merleau Ponty which will be able to give myself a better understanding of my relationship with the objects I make, what they mean and the psychological meaning they have on me and the message I would like these pieces to have on the audience and any potential buyers of my work. My tutorials of recent have highlighted that I am expected to have the minimum of 4,500 words with the remaining 1,500 covered after the deadline due to this being focused on the artefact that will accompany that will be focus of the 4,500 words and 1,500 word combined, but until this has been proofread and annotated remains static until feedback on the dissertation so far has occurred.

For my artefact/object im looking to create a piece that embodies both sides of my way of thinking when presented with a topic and allows adaption to achieve a goal whilst challenging to complete that goal. this as I can imagine reading it is difficult but will prove rewarding in more ways than one for future endeavours.


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