Made in Roath Experience 2016

Throughout my two and 1/3 years of study at Cardiff Met ive heard and been meaning to look into and explore the Made In Roath scene having done Made By Hand for the last two years and potentially this year as well but haven’t had the time to be able to do it. Made In Roath is a community event situated all around the outer reaches of Cardiff displaying everything from work to buy to installation pieces, movies, community markets and so on. With over 64 locations and events going on from the 9th October to the 16th October there is plenty to see and do.

To make up for lost time I visited visited the website found what was going on and where everything was. Throughout going through the events I found quite a few links to artists working in Ceramics that are currently studying or graduates of Ceramic from Cardiff Met. This was quite a happy moment due to my course being relatively knew there are a few graduates that are doing really well having been on the market for one or two years such as my 3rd year buddy Alexana Blott and her cutlery creations Looking through I found these events granted there isn’t many glass related events and I dont really use Ceramic this would be quite a diverse experience for me. These are the events I hope to attend.

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