Morning talk

Today instead of having a seminar on the reading material for the week we were given free post it notes to comment on three individuals work from the maker group. This will basically visually allow the entire maker course to visually question what they think about the work that has been presented and whether what you’re thinking is what they are seeing and whether it falls into the category of Craft, Art or Design and whether we individually agree with where we situated ourselves the week before between the two areas or if the other makers interpretation has shifted the opinion.

For the sticky note task for the cabinet I had four individuals comment on the work. Two where question marks which is understandable as even I am confused by my own idea and one comment believed the cabinet work at the moment in time despite it not being what I wanted to create believed it fell on the Art category of a sculptural piece, and the other comment was again focusing on the art route but highlighted in more details

  • Concept based
  • Meaning and thoughts to the ideas behind the piece.

Despite this the idea in Ingrids and a few of the maker’s eyes is visually imaginable but more of a blurred view than a physical object so experimentation and development as well as more focused ideas may hopefully help me focus the look to present to my fellow makers and see whether the mood has changed from this morning to thursday where i will be presenting to a small group of my fellow makers and one of my tutors Jon and see whether this is something that is worth going for or worth going for but there area  few areas that need to be worked on which at this moment in time seems to be balancing between the two.


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