Presentation Thursday

This thursday myself and a group of fellow makers will be presenting our ideas for the end of year individual presentation and the end of year exhibition in May of next year. The purpose of this small group talk is to discuss the ideas presented in the presentation at the start of term and the object from the cabinet and what is intended for the next few weeks leading up to the December presentation for formative assessment.

The Idea

over the summer term and through visiting galleries focused more on craft, functional and also decorative pieces I began to collect ideas for my ideal objects. For me my ideal object would be something that can be adapted throughout time but also adapt to how objects like people change through time. In particular I mean that the material of glass is highly valued as an artistic material for decorative and functional pieces on the market. But through the seminars at the beginning of the week on Maker the idea is becoming more problematic in not just what is going to be the pieces I make but their relation to what is already out there and what the practical experiments will make. But like everyone else time will tell on that one. My priority is to produce ways to demonstrate the idea of the piece to my tutors and fellow makers in preparations for tutorials and the formative assessment in December.



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